Squash meeting, Coolhurst, Friday May 8, 6.30 pm.

Dear All,

You are invited to a meeting at Coolhurst in the bar area 6.30 – 7.30 May 8th.

This is the follow on from the meeting of parents of squash juniors that took place about three weeks ago.

I am sending out the invitation this time as the person who would normally do it is away. I am writing this as an ordinary squash member.

As there are many squash members interested in the matter at hand – the management of junior squash coaching  and related issues – the invitation is being extended to anyone who is interested.  This might also help to deal with the many questions that have arisen as a result of the rather puzzling email from the Squash Committee sent to squash members this week.

I realise that 6.30 is a bit early for many people. Coming along part way through is fine.

I will be posting updates on our discussion forum

I would encourage people who are interested to post comments there so all this community can see them.  There have been many very clear and impressive expressions of views and I would suggest that we all continue to keep our comments polite. I also hope that people on all sides of the argument will feel free to comment.

I think it would be useful if you could reply to let me now if you are planning to attend. The more people, the less the voice of this meeting can be ignored. The more people we know are attending, the more an invitation to the squash committee to join us to explain itself might be accepted.

I know a lot of people have been pushing in the right direction and I’d particularly like to thank Phil Hull, Barry Knight and Andy Watson.

Finally a personal view – Andy as squash secretary could soon have this all sorted out if his proposals were supported. I think it would be useful if we could find some way of ensuring he gets backing. How is maybe something for us all to think about.

Nothing I write is in confidence. Please feel free to pass this on to anyone you think might be interested.

All comments welcome.

Michael O’Callaghan
07771 593404


Squash committee email to members 29 April

The Squash Committee met on 27 April 2015 to carry out the GMC’s instruction to review and make a decision on Jago’s suspension. We agree that the suspension should be lifted for adult and private junior coaching but not for the junior programme. He is allowed to coach a maximum of three juniors at a time

The Committee is looking at the future of junior squash and remains fully committed to the junior squash programme. We will be drawing up terms of reference for the position of Head Coach, and we will be advertising it in due course. We look forward to Jago’s application. We are looking for a replacement for Jane Mugridge to look after junior squash on the Squash Committee. We invite suggestions from junior parents.

Following her resignation, the Squash Committee thanks Jane for her contribution to the junior programme

Squash Committee


Dear users of this forum.

I have just found out that there were comments that could not be seen until I’d approved them as the moderator. Apologies for my slowness. Approvals now done.


Update Saturday 25 April

After the matter of Jago’ suspension on the claimed invovlement with the parents petition was delegated back to the squash committee, the squash committee got to work on it.

Andy Watson agreed wording of an email to the committee with the two other squash committee members who are also GMC members.

The email was sent to squash committee members asking for a vote on reinstating Jago and setting a deadline of 5pm on Thursday. By that time four squash committee members called for his reinstatement and none said the suspension should be continued. Serveral asked for a meeting. This meeting will happen on Monday 27 April.

Andy issued an email on Thursday lifting Jago’s suspension. He found out on Friday that Lucy Dean refused to add Jago to the coaching rota. Further questions from Andy revealed she had received instructions fron the Club chairman that Jago should not be reinstated.


Parents’ meeting 17 April

On Friday 17 April there was a meeting mostly attended by parents of juniors who are coached by Jago,  plus other interested people.  It took place in the clubhouse and ran from 6.30 until 7.30.  There were about 20 people present.

During the meeting a message was received from the Coolhurst chairman saying that at the GMC meeting due to take place on Monday (20 April) it is likely that the issue of Jago’s suspension will be delegated back to the Squash Committee.

I anticipate this means he will shortly be reinstated.

The overall feeling of the meeting was very clearly that Jago had been unjustly treated.

I saw a great committment to the Club in general, to squash coaching, and to junior activities. The positive energy and commitment I saw in this group of people was impressive.

Michael O’Callaghan